70k Heidi Bonds

70k Heidi Bonds

Rebels! We have reached 70'000 Heidi Bonds! Thank you! Only with your support, we can make Heidi great again!

We are currently working on the script, which will be finished in spring 2019. The goal is to shoot in fall 2019 if the financing goes as planned. Thanks to your contribution, we can extend our promotional activities and further develop the project.

The current funding goal of 150'000 Heidi Bonds is extended to February 28. Almost 1'000 people have joined the resistance so far – but in order to meet our goal in time, we need to keep growing. Invite all your friends to join the resistance by sharing the teaser on social media. Or how about forcing them into the team by giving them a Gift Card?

Please also take a look at our latest special: Heidi's Absinthe – now available in the MAD HEIDI Store.