80k Heidi Bonds

80k Heidi Bonds

Heidi is happy, because we have reached 80'000 Heidi Bonds! This makes MAD HEIDI the most successful Swiss crowdfunding for a movie of all time!

A big shoutout to all the Heidi Warriors for backing the project! Only thanks to your help, we can currently work on developing the project into a movie. Our goal is to have a finished script in spring, so we can start working on pre-production in summer and shoot the movie in fall.

But in order to reach our goals, the resistance needs to grow continuously! If you can't help financially, you can support the project by sharing the teaser and website on your social media profiles, by email, WhatsApp etc. Tell all your friends about the Heidi madness and invite them to become Heidi Warriors, too!

Long live the motherland!