Heidi's Battle Map

Heidi's Battle Map

We're happy to announce a cool new feature on madheidi.com: The Heidi Warriors ranking and Heidi's battle map! if you are a MAD HEIDI supporter, you can login to your account and set up your Heidi Warrior profile with a nickname and a profile picture.

By default your Heidi Warrior profile is disabled. In this case, you will still show up on the battle map and ranking, but you will be listed as "anonymous".

Heidi's battle map with all supporters worldwide



Click any Heidi Warrior on the map and see his nickname and profile picture.


Heidi Bond Ranking

The ranking shows all MAD HEIDI supporters and their total amount of Heidi Bonds.


Click the names in the list in order to see their profile picture and where they're from.


Heidi Warrior Profile

Login to your user account in order to manage your Heidi Warrior Profile.