A message from the director

Since launching the MAD HEIDI crowdfunding campaign, we have been overwhelmed by the passion and enthusiasm of our fans, who now total more than 40,000 globally. Thanks to supporters who bought Heidi Bonds and Merchandise, we successfully raised the funds to initiate the project and finalise the script. Now comes the final push to raise the money to start shooting — MAD INVEST. 

Here's a personal message from MAD HEIDI director Johannes Hartmann...

On September 24 at 12 noon we are opening up the MAD INVEST pre-sale exclusively to friends and supporters of MAD HEIDI like you.

The pre-sale will be strictly time-limited to 5 days and closes on September 29. Only about 1,000 backers can take part in MAD INVEST, so sign up now to be the first to know how to get involved.

Exclusive pre-sale benefits 

  • See your name on the big screen: all pre-sale investors will be listed with a special credit in the movie credits
  • All pre-sale investors get an exclusive, limited-edition Mad Heidi t-shirt 

Sign up now for early access!