Get slashed by Heidi - Limited Investor privileges

If you have the necessary means to become our top investor, you will not only get your name as an executive producer in the opening credits of the film and on, plus more than 3.8% of the movie and merchandise revenues and many more perks. You will also get the opportunity to witness your own spectacular death on the big screen with the Get Slashed by Heidi privilege! Take part in a preparation day with the makeup and wardrobe team, spend at least one day of shooting on the set and let the director with his special effects team orchestrate your death. What other investment has ever presented you with such an opportunity?

We are totally aware that the minimum investment of CHF 100'000 to get this perk is way out of reach for most people, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is so exclusive that only one investor will get it. If you can’t get this privilege, but still want to appear in the movie, you might become eligible for the “Be a Background Actor”, “Be a Female Prisoner”, or Be an Angry Farmer” privilege.