Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Our Mad Invest has been a great success, with 218 Mad Investors from 17 countries investing 520,500 CHF in total. It's a lot of money and we do appreciate it big time.

But it's not yet enough and we keep on fighting. Therefore we have decided to continue the campaign with a new deadline: April 30, 2021 (which was defined as an extended deadline in our Proposal Paper). By that date, we need to have a minimum of 1 million CHF in place to start the production. There is still a way to go, and we are also working on other funding possibilities such as grants, tax-rebates, sponsoring, and deferments.

The support so far makes us confident that we will be shooting this year, and we are already starting to prepare the production in some focus areas like script polishing, casting, hiring key crew, and finalizing the production plan.

Make your investment if you did not do so already, and stay tuned for new posts about the campaign as well as the production. We want to give you to best means to be part of it.

Make sure all your like-minded friends also join this madness and let's have a hell of a year!

Mad Heidi team