A message from Johannes Hartmann, director of MAD HEIDI.


Thanks to YOUR contribution, we sold more than 32'000 Heidi Bonds within the first week and have reached our first funding goal within just five days! This is great! The past days have been quite extreme for us, and we are totally overwhelmed by your support and your feedback. For that, we want to say thank you!

The funds from round 1 will help us improving our kickass story and further develop the script, which will take at least a few months to finalize. Furthermore the funds will enable us to expand our promo activities, allowing us to reach more people.


Funding round 2: pre-production

The madness takes off

But, the 30'000 Heidi Bonds were just the beginning of the Heidi Bond mania! Funding round 2 was launched today: In this round, we are selling 120'000 Heidi Bonds within 60 days. With these funds we are going to finance the pre-production, which includes location scouting, casting, production design and creating a shooting schedule.

120'000 Heidi Bonds is a high goal – but we can make it if the resistance will grow fast. We need hundreds of Heidi Warriors and Warrioresses! That's why we are asking you to invite all your friends to join the resistance and invest in Heidi Bonds and merchandise on

With your help, the resistance can grow to thousands of members! Let's do this!

Thank you for your support! Heidi loves you!

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