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We do our very best to maximize the figures, but cannot guarantee anything. All calculations are based on an estimated average selling price (see section Mad Heidi Smart Distribution for more details).

Read how Mad Heidi Smart Distribution works, check out the producers estimates, and calculate your potential profit based on your own estimates.

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Mad Heidi Smart Distribution

1. The Production

By involving the fans from a very early stage on, and getting them more and more involved during the film production process, our fanbase is growing exponentially. Once the film is released, we have already established a big cult around the movie. Currently we have about 50'000 fans/followers and we haven’t even started the production yet. Our aim is to considerably grow the global reach during the production period.

2. Fans First

This is very straight forward. Mad Heidi streams and downloads (transactions) will be available only on our own platform for an exclusive period of up to 90 days (exact amount of days to be defined in a later stage depending on the market situation). The Mad Heidi platform will be hosted by Vimeo or similar, depending on what services will be available in 2022.

We estimate the average price for one transaction (stream or download) to be CHF 15 for a new film. After the deduction of a 15% fee from our technical provider, and operating costs (including marketing) of 25%, our estimated "shared revenue" is CHF 9.56, which we used as a base for the calculator.

3. Go Wide

After the exclusive period on, the film will then be released on other platforms, too. The bigger the fan-hype and the demand on our own platform, the better our chances to enhance the availability of the film in various established global and local platforms.

When we "go wide" on other platforms, there will be different platform fees (anything between 10 and 50%), and the usual 25% operating costs (including marketing). There might be middlemen, and the price per transaction will lower by time. For the calculator, we used an estimated average "shared revenue" of CHF 2.39.

The Mad Invest Waterfall

Producers estimates

Revenue projections usually have one thing in common: They are wrong. There are simply too many factors at play. Therefore, we ask you to calculate your potential profits based only on your own estimates!

For ourselves, we calculate with these estimates:


Total 150.000 transactions

Switzerland: 50 %
Rest of the World: 50 %

Own platform: 80 %
Other platforms: 20 %


Total 500.000 transactions

Switzerland: 30 %
Rest of the World: 70 %

Own platform: 60 %
Other platforms: 40 %


Total 2.500.000 transactions

Switzerland: 10 %
Rest of the World: 90 %

Own platform: 40 %
Other platforms: 60 %

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Good To Know

  • According to the estimated average revenue, the break-even point on our own platform is at about 272.000 transactions (see Mad Heidi Smart Distribution section).
  • The quality of the film will define how it will be received by the audience and will affect the word-of-mouth advertising, which is one of the most important factors for success.
  • 15 % of the revenues will always go to marketing in order to generate more revenue.
  • There will also be revenues from cinema/event screenings and physical Blu-ray/DVD sales.
  • 1 CHF is about 0,93 € and 1,10 $
  • We pay 7,7% VAT on all sales within Switzerland, and 0% on all sales outside Switzerland.