NFT are soaring all around the crypto world. You can now get your exclusive Mad Heidi NFT.
We started a series of trading cards with iconic scenes from the teaser. More series will follow as we start shooting the film.

How to get your Mad Heidi NFT

  • Visit
  • Select the card, and hit the “Buy now” button
  • Connect to your Crypto Wallet, e.g. Coinbase Wallet.
  • Continue checkout and authorize your payment in your wallet.

After the purchase, your collectible will show up in your wallet (e.g. under “Collectibles” in the “Coinbase Wallet” app)

What the hell is an NFT?

NFT stands for nun fungible token and is a technology mostly based on the blockchain Etherium.
NFT make it possible to claim ownership of a digital, non-material item, such as our Mad Heidi NFT trading cards. You don't have property rights on that card, but you own it anyway and can trade it any time.
Think of it as physical Baseball trading cards.

For those of you who haven’t been in touch with crypto stuff so far, you will need to get a „wallet“ and you will have to get some Ethereum to get the NFT. The annoying thing might be the mining fees, which depend heavily on the general traffic on the Blockchain and the time of the day. We found out that around 9 o’clock on a Sunday is a good time.

NFT Collector's Cards

Watch this video to learn more about NFTs