2500 Heidi Bonds

2,250.00 CHF 2,500.00 CHF

You save 10%

Quick Overview

IMPORTANT INFO: Heidi Bonds will not give you a revenue share in MAD HEIDI. If you want to get a revenue share, you can become an investor on invest.madheidi.com

Buy Heidi Bonds to support the production of MAD HEIDI.

  • 100% of your purchase goes to the production of MAD HEIDI
  • Turn your Heidi Bonds into exclusive Bonus Rewards

How it works

  • Buy any Heidi Bond bundle from the store.
  • Heidi Bonds are automatically added to your user account after checkout.
  • Add more Heidi Bonds later at any time (even after a funding round has ended)
  • Convert your Heidi Bonds into exclusive Bonus Rewards and become part of MAD HEIDI!

Start collecting Heidi Bonds today and increase your balance over time in order to unlock your desired Bonus Reward.