2022 was total madness!

The year has flown by! A year ago, we came fresh from shooting. Even though the most intense period was over, 2022 still brought a ton of work.

During winter and spring, we locked ourselves in the editing room and assembled the film from hours of raw footage. Then it went to our VFX partner Cloudscape, who did the stunning visual effects, and at the same time Mario Batkovic started working on the soundtrack. Color grading, sound design and the audio mix were next. And in the end, everything had to be subtitled and dubbed into other languages. Meaning: We worked our asses off until the night before the premiere!

In September, we celebrated the world premiere at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. It was a crazy Wednesday night with almost 1'000 people in die audience who eventually voted for Mad Heidi to win the audience award. In late September, we had our big Swiss premiere at Zurich Film Festival, together with hundreds of investors and fans. In October, we travelled to Los Angeles and presented our crazy Swissploitation movie at the century-old Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. What followed were over 20 film festivals worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Serbia, and more) and no less than 13 awards (Best Film and Best Directing at Screamfest New Orleans, Best Film at Vancouver Horror Show, Best Directing at Terror Molins Film Festival, just to name a few).

On November 24, Mad Heidi was unleashed on more than 200 cinemas in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Spain. We're currently ranked 6 on the yearly Swiss box office charts of Swiss productions. And while Mad Heidi is still playing in theaters in Switzerland, people from around the globe are already streaming the movie on madheidi.com.

For the last five years, we have put all our blood, sweat and tears into this film, and we're proud to see how well it is received all over the world. Only through the tireless support of you, our most loyal fans, we always stayed highly motivated during this time and never thought of giving up – because we knew that we were making the film not only for us, but for you!

If you haven't seen it yet, rent it as a 48 hour stream! Spin the "Wheel of Madness" to win a gift card or free stream!

Thank you for supporting independent cinema! Happy holidays to all of you!

Your Mad Heidi team


(Photo by Thomas Niedermüller for ZFF)


What the press wrote about Mad Heidi in 2022:

"It's trashy, funny, and topped with melted cheese! A true grindhouse reinterpretation of Heidi. The WTF movie of the moment!" – Geek Magazine

"An entertaining mix of splatter, horror and western, dripping with blood and fun." – Süddeutsche Zeitung

"A must-see genre film! Cult! Rating: 19/20" – Branchés Culture

"The toughest fighting machine since Lara Croft!" – Watson

"Mad Heidi meets expectations as reliably as a cuckoo clock." – SRF Kultur

"One film surely deserves some kind of prize for this year’s most creative – and culturally appropriate – offing, a death in a which an entire triangular tube of Toblerone is hammered into a man’s mouth and out the other side." – The Hollywood Reporter