Imagine yourself listening to a fiery speech from Heidi, armed to your teeth and with a pitchfork in your hand - ready for battle, whatever may come. Now keep hold of that feeling... feels great, right? 😉🔥

Well, this no longer has to be a feeling off your imagination. With an investment as little as 5'000 you can become an essential part of the movie and turn into a genuine MAD HEIDI character - either in the background, have a speaking role or right in the limelights where the big action happens. 🎬📽🎞

There are roles available for everyone: become a female prisoner, thriving for vengeance, get killed on screen, or splash you intestines all over the set while getting killed by Heidi.
Find your ideal role at 👉 madheidi.com/getslashed

But beware: These are limited privileges and only available to a certain number of investors. So better hurry up, before they're all gone! 😉