Heidi's Absinthe Combo Heidi's Absinthe Combo Heidi's Absinthe Combo Heidi's Absinthe Combo

Heidi's Absinthe Combo

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MAD HEIDI, MATTE BRENNEREI, and SCHWARZMALER present: Finest original Swiss Absinthe Verte, also known as "the green fairy".

Combo Pack

  • 1 bottle (50cl) Absinthe Blanche
  • 1 bottle (50cl) Absinthe Verte
  • 52% Vol.
  • "Swissploitation Original" seal

NOTE: Shipping to addresses in Switzerland only. Minimum age: 18 years (copy of passport or ID card required).

Absinthe Blanche is an uncolored (clear) traditional Swiss Absinthe. During the era of Absinthe prohibition in Switzerland (1910-2005), bootleg Absinthe was often bottled colourless so as to be visually indistinct from other spirits.

Absinthe Verte begins as a blanche. The blanche is altered by a secondary maceration stage, in which a separate mixture of herbs is steeped into the clear distillate. This confers a green color and an intense flavour.

With its strong wormwood note and persistent bitterness, Heidi's Absinthe is strong in taste and yet remarkably soft and balanced. Made by hand with grain distillate, wormwood from Val de Travers, anise, fennel and hyssop.

INFO: Because the distillery uses natural herbs for coloring (no artificial colors), the green absinthe can turn brown after some time (which does not affect the taste).


Made by Matte Brennerei

Artwork by KKADE Schwarzmaler

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