We have created a cool tool for you to assess your possible investment. Now you can calculate your own profit/loss projections.

The idea is to help you to understand the business model of Mad Heidi, and give you a fast way to evaluate the risk of your investment. We do our best to maximize the figures, but cannot guarantee anything. Revenue projections usually have one thing in common: They are wrong. There are simply too many factors at play. Therefore, we ask you to calculate your potential profits based only on your own estimates.

Easy & Fast – You have 3 parameters, which you can operate with a slider:
  1. Define your investment.
  2. Define the estimated amount of streams on madheidi.com.
  3. Define the estimated amount of streams on other platforms (e.g. Apple TV, Google Play Store, etc.)
The calculator shows your estimated profit/loss in a nanosecond.
Click here to check out the calculator.