The First Swissploitation Film

It’s all been there: Blaxploitation, Mexploitation, Sexploitation, Nunsploitation, Naziploitation. We think it’s about time for the first Swissploitation film!

The original Heidi book has been translated into more than 50 languages and sold more than 50 million copies. 8 animation films, 12 feature films and 5 TV-Series have been produced around the globe. It’s a story that moved the hearts of whole generations around the world. Time to reinvent this story and pump some fresh blood into it.

The Story

Now all grown up, Heidi is just a girl from the Alps in an alternative Switzerland that has fallen under fascist rule. Little does she know that her yearning for personal freedom will be the spark that ignites a revolution.

From fondue torture to death by chocolate, MAD HEIDI is an action-adventure horror-comedy interpretation of the much-loved children's storybook character Heidi, and a true Swissploitation film. If you liked Mad Max, Kill Bill, or Iron Sky, then you'll love MAD HEIDI.

About Us

Swissploitation Films LLC was founded in 2019 by film-industry veterans Tero Kaukomaa (IRON SKY; DANCER IN THE DARK), Valentin Greutert (ONE WAY TRIP, PARADISE WAR-THE STORY OF BRUNO MANSER), and the highly talented, up-and-coming director Johannes Hartmann. The company is responsible for the funding, production, marketing and distribution of MAD HEIDI.

After many music videos, commercials and a couple of award-winning short films, MAD HEIDI will be the first feature film directed by Johannes Hartmann. Both Tero Kaukomaa and Valentin Greutert are long-serving producers with a filmography of over 40 feature films in total.

With our combined knowledge we will make MAD HEIDI a kickass movie.

Johannes Hartmann

Johannes Hartmann on IMDb

Tero Kaukomaa

Tero Kaukomaa on IMDb

Valentin Greutert

Valentin Greutert on IMDb

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Financing A Swissploitation Film

Fans First!

The marketing and crowd-engagement for this film started already long ago and are a continuous process. We currently have 40,000+ engaged fans and supporters on our social media accounts and over 2700 people have already contributed to our crowdfunding by buying merchandise or Heidi Bonds.

This work will continue throughout the production process. We will provide our fans with exclusive access to the production, keep on selling merchandise, and engage them in many other forms. We want to make a global film and say FANS FIRST!

The Financing Plan

Since the teaser was launched in 2018, Mad Heidi has become the most successful crowdfunding campaign for a Swiss film ever. The collected funds allowed us to develop the script and create MAD INVEST. This revolutionary program allows fans to directly and automatically participate in the revenue of the film and get some awesome privileges. You can become a Mad Investor for as little as CHF 500.

As soon as we have sold shares worth CHF 1m (the maximum is 2m), we will kick off the production and the film will finally premiere in 2022. 

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Financing and Production Schedule

Financing Stage

Funding Round 1


Funded: 31'789 Heidi Bonds

The first target was to reach 30'000 HEIDI BONDS. We exceeded our goal within just 5 days.


Funding Round 2


Funded: 150'000 Heidi Bonds

The target is to reach 120'000 Heidi Bonds, which was exceeded.

Funding Round 3


Goal: 1-2 Mio. CHF

The budget for the shooting and pos-production will be raised through the MAD INVEST program.


Production Stage

Production Phase 2


16 Weeks

When the film is fully financed, pre-production will begin. In this stage, we're casting the actors, hiring the crew, designing sets and costumes, scouting locations and planning the shooting. 

Spring 2021
Summer 2021

Production Phase 3


6 Weeks

The most intense part of producing a movie is the shooting phase. Our goal is to have a minimum of 25 (better: 30) shooting days. Working with stunts, fight choreographies and explosions is very time consuming. The bigger our budget, the more bang will be delivered for your buck.

Production Phase 4


12 Weeks

Once all the scenes are shot, the director and the editor retreat to the editing room where the movie comes to live. When the movie is edited, the Visual Effects department will pimp the Shots, and the Colorist will give the whole thing an old school exploitation feeling.