Appear in the Movie


Quick Overview

First supporter: 150 Heidi Bonds • SOLD OUT
Early supporter: 160 Heidi Bonds • SOLD OUT
Early mid-term supporter: 165 Heidi Bonds • SOLD OUT

Mid-term supporter:
170 Heidi Bonds • Limit: 50

We want YOU to be an extra in the movie! We will need angry farmers, Morgenstern soldiers, female prisoners, and many more – and you can be one of them.

This reward can also be given to a friend as a gift, or you can buy it multiple times if you want to bring your friends, too.

Once the shooting schedule is made, our production team will contact you to find a part that fits you. Extra roles are non-speaking background parts.

Shooting is planned for Fall 2021.

Shooting dates: tba
Shooting location: tba

Shooting takes place in in Switzerland. Travel and accommodation not included. It can not be guaranteed that every scene ends up in the final version of the movie.