Special Kill

Quick Overview

LIMITED PERK: Only 2 left!

Do you want to die a spectacular death in MAD HEIDI? Get a special kill with this Bonus Reward. Get killed with a close up special effect (headshot, beheading, or similar). Your name will be listed in the movie's end credits and on imdb.com.

Spend one day with the special effects makeup team while the will create a model of your head, and one day on the film set.

Expenditure of time:
2 days (1 day for head mold, 1 day shooting)

Shooting date: tba
Shooting location: tba

Shooting takes place in Switzerland. Travel and accommodation not included.

It is not guaranteed that your scene ends up in the movie (like it's not guaranteed for any other actor). In case the scene doesn't end up in the movie, you will receive it as a video file and it will eventually be published as a teaser on our social media channels.