July 22, 2021

The perfect location for a Heidi film

The shoot is getting closer, and we're only missing a few shooting locations by now. Last week we visited Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, where they preserve old houses...

July 15, 2021

One of the endboss for MAD HEIDI

The Neutralizer was developed and designed by our concept artist Gian Andri Bezzola from Staay AG. The construction is coordinated by our costume department under the direction of Nina Jaun,...

April 23, 2021


To celebrate the green light for Mad Heidi, we released our first NFT! We created exactly 296 copies, equalling the number of Mad Investors who made it possible....

April 07, 2021


We gathered more than 1 MILLION in investments and will now start preparing to shoot the film this coming Fall.
Heidi is coming and Kommandant Knorr is shaking in his boots! 

March 22, 2021

Join our investors on the Discord Channel

Our Discord crowd intelligence platform welcomes you, our Mad Army. 
You can now join our investors on the Discord app. This is your opportunity to interact with other supporters, the Mad Investors, and...
January 11, 2021

Get slashed by Heidi - Limited Investor privileges

If you have the necessary means to become our top investor, you will not only get your name as an executive producer in...