DECRYPT: The Swissploitation Movie Using Blockchain To Turn Fans Into Investors

Decrypt about Mad Invest

One film producer has a vision for the future of the movies: turning fans into micro-investors, using blockchain technology. Can it save indie cinema?

Valentin Greutert is the proud producer of what he refers to as “the world’s first Swissploitation film,” Mad Heidi. The gory schlock-horror film tells the story of a Heidi who drank her milk, grew up, and now fights the good fight against the cheese-eating fascists who’ve taken over her homeland. With an axe.

It is very Swiss. At one point, someone’s tortured with a fondue set. There’s a gruesome murder-by-Toblerone.

Chocolate and lederhosen aside, Mad Heidi is much like any other independent feature film, except for one massive difference: Part of the financing for the film will come from fans, through a crowdfunding campaign powered by blockchain platform FilmChain.

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