Indie Film Production in the Digital Age

The film industry is changing. The power shifts from the Studios to Netflix and co. Independent filmmakers have to find new ways to persist in an oversaturated market.
We’ve accepted the challenge and developed a concept we call fan-powered content creation:

  1. MAD HEIDI is building up a worldwide fan base throughout the entire production period. Already more than 50,000 people from all over the world are following us on various social media channels.

  2. MAD HEIDI is largely financed through crowd-investing, where investors share in the film's revenue from the very first penny in a transparent, secure and automated way. They also get exclusive insights into the making of the film. More info on

  3. MAD HEIDI will be released globally on the same day on, without a sales company or a distributor. We are virtually our own Netflix, multiplying the revenue for our investors and reducing piracy. Later the film will appear on other platforms as well.

  4. MAD HEIDI offers fans many ways to participate in the production - with their talent, their ideas or just to watch closely how a film gets made. The simplest way is to join one of our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter.