Power of Independence

Many people believe that if a film is playing on Netflix or Amazon, the filmmakers have made it. Actually, the contrary is the case. Working for the big streaming companies means you give away your intellectual property. You will never know how many people watch your film. You will never make any money with your film anymore. Plus, if somebody does not own a subscription, they will never be able to see your film.

If you put your film on platforms like iTunes or Google Play, you won’t be much better off, because all those companies take up to 50% of the price for providing the technical service, but they do absolutely nothing else for you. All the marketing and promotion is left with the filmmaker, but the profits go to the platforms.

We don’t like that. We want MAD HEIDI to be available to everybody (with a credit card, of course). We want the profits to go to the people who really deserve it: the investors and creators, not global corporations. 

We believe that if people want to see MAD HEIDI (and we’ll make sure of that), they will also do it on madheidi.com. Like this, we can increase profits up to 6 times compared to traditional distribution. That’s the power of independence. Fair and free. Mad Heidi will be available on the standard platforms as well, but only after a few months following the release.